About us

What is Keywest-Denmark?

Keywest-Denmark is a department of Esbjerg & Varde Låseteknik that supplies and installs special solutions for wind turbines, drilling rigs and ships and that is involved also in other demanding assignments. Keywest-Denmark supplies a multitude of solutions made of acid-resistant, stainless steel and many specially manufactured lock cases that can withstand tough environments and meet strict safety requirements. Keywest-Denmark offers a range of different locking systems for wind turbines with heavy emergency exit requirements that can withstand the harsh conditions in environments throughout the world. Being a part of Esbjerg & Varde Låseteknik A/S, we have many years of experience of security and we also know what it takes for our products to be wear-resistant and what kinds of requirements that we must meet.

Esbjerg Låseteknik A/S was founded in 1957. Since then the security and locking industry has developed greatly and the fact that we have been involved all the way through means we know exactly how to secure your valuable installations.

We started the company Varde Låseteknik in 2010

Esbjerg & Varde Låseteknik supplies a wide range of quality products and tailor-made total solutions right from the securing of doors, windows and so on to advanced electronic access control for private persons, companies and institutions.

Read more about Esbjerg & Varde Låseteknik here: www.esbjerglaaseteknik.dk/